Game Rules

Mexican Samba (Canasta)
Dorothy's Game (a variation on Flinch)


This is a game better played by five, six or seven players. However, it can be played by fewer. The object of the game is to become and remain the "president" for as long as possible. The players are ranked as follows (feel free to substitute other titles):

To begin, the rankings are determined by the seating arrangements: The president sits directly opposite of the gopher. The Vice-President sits to the President's left and directly opposite the secretary. The assistant vice-president sits to the vice-president's left and directly opposite the executive assistant. At the end of each hand, players move to their new positions based on the order in which they emptied their hand of all cards. (First out becomes the president; last out is the gopher.)

The gopher deals the cards and takes in each "trick". All of the cards are dealt out. The object is to be the first out of cards. To accomplish this, when you have the lead you may lead any card, or any pair, triple or quartet of the same card value: two queens, three jacks, etc. The play moves to the left. Each player must play the same number of cards, but of a higher value. For example, if the lead plays two fives, the next player could play two sevens and the next player could play two jacks. If a player cannot play a higher value of the same number, he may play a joker or he must pass.

Card value:

As in the "real" world, the executives get all the perks while the grunts do all the work and get the scraps. In keeping with this tradition, at the beginning of each hand, the gopher must pass his best two cards to the president. The secretary must pass his best card to the vice-president. The president and vice-president pass replacement cards back (All cards must be exchanged before viewing the cards). These replacement cards are often but not necessarily the lowest cards. Additional players keep the cards they have. If you prefer, the top three and bottom three players may exchange 3,2, and 1 cards respectively.

The president always begins the play. He may lead any card (or cards of the same value) he wishes. As play moves to the left, the next player must play an equal number of cards of a higher value or a joker. The joker beats any number of cards played. If a player can not beat the cards played, he must pass. (A player may choose to pass even if he has better cards for strategic purposes.) The player who last played on the "trick" "wins" it and begins the next round. The first player to get rid of all his cards becomes the president, the second, the vice-president and so on. When all the cards are played, the players assume their new positions and the (new) gopher deals again.

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