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Presidential Trivia Part 23

Match this fun fact with the correct U. S. president.

Which president was born in West Branch, Iowa?      

As a U.S. senator, who attempted to ban the importation of slaves into Florida? (But failed)      

Who first attended Farmer's Colleg but finally graduated from Miami University, Ohio in 1852?      

Love is in the Air marked the motion picture debut in 1937 of which future president?      

Which president once worked as a court crier in his youth?      

Which future president served under General Winfield Scott during the Mexican War and later defeated him for the presidency?      

During the French and Indian War which future president ordered that General Edward Braddock's body be buried in the middle of a wagon trail to protect it from desecration by the enemy?      

Which future president served as Secretary of State in James K. Polk's cabinet?      

Which future president cast his first vote for president for Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1932?      

Which future president advertised his business as a bootblack in his family's newspaper?      

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