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Presidential Trivia Part 21

Match this fun fact with the correct U. S. president.

Which president was born in Port Conway, Virginia?      

Which future president was severely wounded during the Battle of Trenton in the Revolutionary War?      

Which future president contracted smallpox while a prisoner-of-war at Camden, South Carolina?      

The Republican campaign song 'Grandfather's Hat Fits Ben' helped elect which president?      

The Dutch settlement of Kinderhook, New York was the birthplace of what future president on December 5, 1782?      

Which future president was slahed with a sword for refusing to clean a British soldier's boots while a prisoner-of-war?      

Of which future president did General Robert E. Lee comment that he never found him to be a superior general?      

Which future president's father wanted him to become a physician?      

Dr. J. P. Kellogg's sanitarium in Battle Creek, Michigan treated what future president when he suffered a mental and emotional collapse at age twenty-four?      

What future president became attorney general for New York state in 1816?      

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