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Presidential Trivia Part 20

Match this fun fact with the correct U. S. president.

Which future president was admitted to the bar as a lawyer in North Carolina at the age of twenty?      

Which future president became the host of the TV western Death Valley Days in 1962?      

Which future president served as commissioner to France and minister to England and the Netherlands?      

Which future president served as attorney for Indianapolis, Indiana for an annual salary of $400?      

Which future president broke into the dean's office at Duke Univbersity Law School as a student?      

When Henry Clay thre his electotal votes and support to John Quincy Adams, who lost the election even though he had a plurality of the electoral votes?      

Who filed a report as having seen a UFO over Leary, Georgia?      

Which future president earned a Ph.D. in political science from John Hopkins University in 1886?      

Which future president started wearing eye glasses at age six?      

Who defeated General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna at Buena Vista, Mexico, during the Mexican War?      

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