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Presidential Trivia Part 18

Match this fun fact with the correct U. S. president.

Which president's mother insisted that he call her 'Dear Mama'?      

Michael S. Dukakis lost the presidential election to which president?      

Which future president was aided by pirate Jean Laffite in his defense of New Orleans?      

Aaron Burr ultimately lost the presidential election even though he had the same number of electoral college votes as ...      

As a teenager, which president was a barker for a game of chance for the Slippery Gulch Rodeo in Prescott, Arizona?      

What seventeen year old future president assisted in laying out the town site of Alexandria, Virginia?      

'Hot' (short for 'Hot Shot') was the childhood nickname of which president?      

Which future president gave his 'House Divided' speech in Springfield, Illinois?      

Which future president contracted polio at the age of thirty-nine?      

160 acreas of land in present-day Sioux City, Iowa were given to which future president for his participation in the War of 1812?      

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