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Presidential Trivia Part 16

Match this fun fact with the correct U. S. president.

Whose U.S. Military Academy football career was ended by a knee injury?      

Which future president had his horse shot out from under him four times while serving with the Union army during the Civil War?      

Which president had a childhood nickname of Little Mat?      

Which future president was recalled as a diplomat after offending Simon Bolivat with his comments about dictatorships?      

Whish future president once worked as a surveyor just like George Washington and John Adams?      

Maria Halpin of Buffalo was reported to have had an affair (and possibly a son) with which presidential hopeful?      

Who was the skipper of PT-109 when it was sunk on August 2, 1943?      

Whose father gave his infant son the nickname 'Dutch'?      

The Three Blind Mice was a jazz combo formed in his youth by which future president?      

Which future president always carried at least six pairs of eye glasses into combat?      

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