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Match up these events that ocurred in 1900.

The first flight of the airship 'Zeppelin' flew over what lake?      

Where did the 'relief' in South Africa take place?      

Where was an amnesty granted to the Filipono rebels?      

Which country won the first international trophy for lawn tennis?      

Who was the leader of the Tory government (in Britain)?      

Who was president of the U.S. on November 6?      

Who composed 'Nocturns'?      

Which controversial Irish writer died?      

Which plague abated in India?      

Britain and Germany sign a pact over which country?      

The allies end the siege of where?      

Which country did Russia annex?      

In which city is the underground train system opened?      

The British annex the Boer Republic of?      

Which King is shot dead?      

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