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Essential Words, Lesson 1

Select the correct word to complete each of the following sentences.

When Susan refused to marry him, Tom vowed to remain a ______ all his life.      

Just because I do not like Simon does not mean that I am ______ of him.      

When James was called as a witness, he gave an ______ to tell the truth.      

Your son would not get so angry with you if you would only use a little more ______.      

Since Sandra was new to city life, she was ______ to riding in a taxi.      

You'll need quick reflexes and a ______ eye if you want to spot that bird.      

I will never understand how a father can just ______ his family.      

How can you make a decision before all the ______ has been received?      

If you are 17 years or older and can work legally in Ontario, you ______ for this program.      

Heroes are supposed to be handsome, brave and ______.      

Supporting a family without a husband can be a real ______.      

I wanted to rent an apartment in this building but none is ______.      

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