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Foretelling the Future

All of the words in this matchup are "fancy words" for describing various methods of determining the future. Can you match the definition with the word? This is quite difficult. (Largely taken from Uncle John's Ahh-Inspiring Bathroom Reader (ISBN:1-57145-873-5)

Rolling two dice and adding up the score (2 is a "no")      

Rolling three dice      

Observing how a cat jumps      

Writing a question on a leaf. A quickly shrivelling leaf is a "no"      

Studying the flickering flame of a candle      

Read messages in baked balls of dough      

Study shapes egg whites form in water      

Study crystals, mirrors, bowls of water or other shiny objects      

Study shapes formed by dropping melted wax in water      

Conjuring up spirits of the dead      

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