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Claim to Fame: Canadian Hall of Famers (Part 10)

Match the information to the correct performer in the drop-down box on the right.

Born: Lilburn, Ontario, 1920 - 1999; radio host, As It Happens      

Born: Scotland, 1948; seven Juno winner country performer, Swingin' On A Star      

Born: Mimico, Ontario, 1893 - 1973; conductor/composer/arranger, championed Canadian works      

Born: Bradford, Ontario, 1908 - 1966; movie actor, Laurie in 1933 Little Women with Katherine Hepburn      

Born: Toronto, Ontario, 1946 - 1998; rock singer, won Juno, lead with '70's band Lighthouse      

Born: Barrie, Ontario, 1921 - 1996; jazz singer appeared with Cab Calloway, Percy Faith; Blues for Friday      

Born: Fort Macleod, Alberta, 1943; influential songwriter, singer (folk style), Court and Spark      

Born: Toronto, Ontario, 1953; comic actor, SCTV, Ghostbusters, "Shrink" movies      

Born: Toronto, Ontario, 1927 - 1992; Dancer/choreographer; Canada's Fred Astaire      

Born: Toronto, Ontario, 1896 - 1983; craggy-faced actor, played Lincoln, Dr. Kildare      

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