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Claim to Fame: Canadian Hall of Famers (Part 9)

Match the information to the correct performer in the drop-down box on the right.

Born: Antigonish, NS, 1975; eclectic musician blending pop with Celtic, "How Are You Today?; Fine Thank You Very Much"      

Born: Hamilton, Ontario, 1960; comic actor, Red Green Show, Traders      

Born: Big Pond, NS, 1944; Cape Breton country singer, TV personality (own show)      

Born: London, Ontario, 1935; jazz musician, founded Boss Brass      

Born: Toronto, Ontario, 1964; singer/songwriter, "Birmingham"      

Born: Saint John, NB, 1944; singer/actress, Don Messer's Jubilee, own TV show      

Born: USA, 1947; stage, TV, film actress, SCTV      

Born: Tweedside, NB, 1909 - 1973; bandleader of traditional and fiddle music, own TV show      

Born: Montreal, Quebec, 1959; classical pianist, won Canadian Music Competition, 1968-72; 1990 won Juno      

Born: Russia, 1885 - 1957; formed (with Goldwyn) MGM in 1924, Motion Picture Academy in 1927      

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