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Claim to Fame: Canadian Hall of Famers (Part 7)

Match the information to the correct performer in the drop-down box on the right.

Born: Toronto, Ontario, 1956; prima ballerina, Royal Winnipeg Ballet      

Born: Medicine Hat, Alberta, 1928 - 1995; actor/broadcaster, Shakespeare, The Beachcombers      

Born: USA, 1935; pop/country singer, "Mary Lou"      

Born: Vancouver, BC, 1914; character actor, often a heavy, Red River      

Born: Toronto, Ontario, 1953; film, TV, stage actress, Maggie and Pierre      

Born: USA, 1933; Singer/actor; Camelot, South Pacific      

Born: Six Nations Reserve, Ontario, 1952; film/TV actor, Dances with Wolves      

Born: Fort Gary, Manitoba, 1947; magician      

Born: Toronto, Ontario, 1926 - 1996; veteran screen, stage actress, Anne of Green Gables, Crazy for You      

Born: Toronto, Ontario, 1924; actor/comedian/broadcaster, Morningside, Charlie Farquharson      

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