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Claim to Fame: Canadian Hall of Famers (Part 6)

Match the information to the correct performer in the drop-down box on the right.

Born: Ottawa, Ontario, 1915 - 1987; broadcaster/actor, Bonanza, Battlestar Galatica      

Born: Montreal, Quebec, 1962; pop singer, Boy in the Box      

Born: Melfort, Saskatchewan, 1922; stage/screen actor, The Ugly American      

Born: USA, 1919 - 2000; TV actor/host, The Friendly Giant      

Born: New Westminster, BC, 1943; Opera singer and International diva      

Born: London, Ontario, 1937; country singer/TV performer, Country Hoedown      

Born: Toronto, Ontario, 1932 - 1982; classical pianist      

Born: Burrard Reserve, BC, 1899 - 1981; Actor, Little Big Man      

Born: Calgary, Alberta, 1959; actor/playwright, Due South      

Born: Toronto, Ontario, 1954; ballad singer/composer, "Sometimes When We Touch"      

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