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Claim to Fame: Canadian Hall of Famers (Part 1)

Match the information to the correct performer in the drop-down box on the right.

Born: Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, 1949; singer, country music      

Born: Vancouver, B.C., 1962; actress      

Born: England, 1918 - 1976; portly character actor      

Born: USA, 1941 - 1984; Radio performer, guitarist, singer, composer      

Born: Toronto, Ontario, 1920 - 1996; (Shakespearean) actor      

Born: Calgary, Alberta, 1962; pop singer/songwriter, Juno winner      

Born: England, 1950: classical guitarist      

Born: Jackson's Point, Ontario, 1962; Rubber-faced comedian, actor      

Born: Kingston, Ontario, 1959; Singer/Songwriter, Rock Star      

Born: Montreal, Quebec, 1942: actress      

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