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Each quiz will present a number of questions, one at a time, with five possible answers. Click on the answer of your choice and see immediately if you are right or wrong. If correct, a new question will be presented along with your current score. Pick a wrong answer and you will be given the opportunity to try another answer. You score only if you answer correctly on your first attempt. Good luck and have fun!



Wayne Gretzky
Canadian Football League
Early Days of Canadian Sport


Please note that these quizzes are many years old and some questions require graphics that may not display.

Computer Basics: Keys and Keyboards
Computer Basics: Hardware (Mostly)
Computer Basics: The Vocabulary
Computer Basics: Windows
Computer Basics: Files and Folders
Word Processing
Word Processing: Microsoft Word
The Internet

You will find more reviews and quizzes as well as lessons and projects to help you learn more about computers at UsingComputers.

General Interest

Bond, James Bond
Elvis in the Movies
Oscars: Best Picture
Oscars: Best Picture
Apollo: A Man on the Moon
The Magic of Walt Disney
The Magic of Walt Disney Part 2
September Birthdays
October Birthdays
General Trivia #1


World War II (Part A)
World War II (Part B)
World War II (Part C)
World War II (Part D)
Canadian Provincial Capitals

Short Trivia Quizzes (5 questions)

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